Some links and updates... This one is from January 4th. Very proud to have MINE ALL MINE mentioned in Cherry Grrl: Lesbian Entertainment News + Culture. The article talks about the one-page comic illustrated by Cat Staggs and written by me, titled "Darcy." Despite being only four panels of art and 24 words of dialogue, I put a lot of thought into this one, and of course, Cat's art is absolutely sublime. I'm glad Cherry Grrl picked up on all the details. The article mentioned that the comic was written for a friend of mine who recently came out, and that's true. It also adds "and is having a difficult time dealing with it." In all fairness, I don't know if that's completely accurate. I took liberty as a writer to send her a little message, a pat on the back, which I think she needed. I've always been an ardent supporter of gay rights (PFLAG), but I'm hesitant to write gay, lesbian, or bi characters simply to be subversive or exploitative. Certainly, some writers do. That's their artistic choice, and there's a need for that. However, for me, if a character is gay, I want to write them as naturally as I would write a straight character. I think "Darcy" captures that.

The second to last batch of comics for Design-PT is finished. Cal Slayton posted them on his blog. It was a fun challenge to develop an advertising campaign for an I.T. company using comics.

Paul Milligan and I finished the May installment of D Magazine's SOUVENIR OF DALLAS. This comic will focus on the re-design of the Texas Giant roller coaster for the 2011 season at Six Flags. I had the chance to interview the director of construction and maintenance, which was interesting. No links yet.

The next WE'VE NEVER MET will be in this Thursday's Quick. Also, the comics archive has been updated on their blog.

I received my pro registration confirmation for 2010 Comic-Con International. I haven't worked out hotel and travel plans yet, but I'll probably plan it around a visit to see my family in Huntington Beach and attend the convention on Thursday and Friday. I'd like to attend the Eisner Awards. Yes, yes, I know it'll be impossible to book a hotel. I'll figure something out.


Mark Campos of Poopsheet Foundation wrote a review of MINE ALL MINE (click here).

It's a cool site. For anyone who likes mini-comics (and who doesn't like mini-comics?), I'd recommend checking it out.

From their website:

Here at the Poopsheet Foundation our intention is to be a central meeting place for mini-comics publishers, artists, writers, readers and collectors. It's a community-driven site that's also got social networking features built in.

Poopsheet, in one form or another, has been an active concern since 1993. It began life as a small publication that reviewed other small publications. The zine eventually became a website and the Poopsheet Shop sprang from that. Owner Rick Bradford has been actively involved in the mini-comics scene since 1985 and has been running the Poopsheet Shop online since 2004.

And there you go. I recommend the site that recommended my mini-comic.


The mini-comic I released at this year's CAPE is now online. (

A big thank you to the artists who made this collection of stories possible -- Samax Amen, Josh Boulet, Ryan Cody, David DeGrand, Joe Eisma, Jake Ekiss, Derrick Fish, Michael Lagocki, Jim Lujan, Paul Milligan, Wes Molebash, Chad Sell, Cal Slayton, Justin Stewart, ZeeS, and Scott Zirkel.

I'm awfully busy right now. But when things slow down a bit, I might send out a call for any artists interested in doing more MINE ALL MINE. I would post all the new content online as a weekly webcomic. Thoughts?


MINE ALL MINE is available for sale online at Zeus Comics. The print run of this minicomic was rather limited. Copies were given to the creators, sold at CAPE, and sent to a few select stores. You want it? Here's your chance.

If anyone else has seen it online somewhere, let me know.


I'm shipping complimentary copies of MINE ALL MINE to the following retailers:

Zeus Toys & Comics (Dallas TX), Titan Comics (Dallas TX), Keith's Comics (Dallas TX), Austin Books (Austin TX), Speeding Bullet Comics (Norman OK), Astrokitty Comics (Lawrence KS), Star Clipper (St. Louis MO), Big Brain Comics (Minneapolis MN), Comix Revolution (Evanston IL), Quimby's (Chicago IL), Chicago Comics (Chicago IL), The Beguiling (Toronto Ontario), Strange Adventures (Halifax Nova Scotia), Strange Adventures (Fredericton New Brunswick), The Million Year Picnic (Cambridge MA), Comicopia (Boston MA), Jim Hanley's Universe (New York NY), Rocketship (Brooklyn NY), Copacetic Comics Company (Pittsburgh PA), Atomic Books (Baltimore MD), Bizarro Wuxtry (Athens GA), Skylight Books (Los Angeles CA), Meltdown (Los Angeles CA), Comic Relief (Berkeley CA), Hijinx Comix (San Jose CA), Needles and Pens (San Francisco CA), Isotope (San Francisco CA), Reading Frenzy (Portland OR), Zanadu Downtown (Seattle WA)

If you happen to live near any of these stores, stop by later next week and see if they have it on the shelf somewhere.


88% of the art is completed, and I'm getting the files ready for the printer tomorrow. It will debut at CAPE next Saturday. Here's the cover by Tania Kaufmann, a friend and one of my favorite local painters.

Click for the full front and back view, plus it doubles as a nifty desktop image. Working on the press release tonight.


* So far, I have thirteen pages collected for "Mine All Mine." It's looking nice. Thank you to everyone who contributed. While I didn't intend for it to be, this project has turned into a wonderful early birthday present -- getting to work with all these fantastic artists.

* A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Josh Fialkov. Rather than summarize it, here it is:

It has come to my attention one of Image's own, Josh Medors (artist of the upcoming FRANK FRAZETTA'S SWAMP DEMON), has long been fighting cancer. While things have been on the upswing, a recent analysis showed a recently removed tumor has come back and unless his radiation therapy helps, he may only have three months to live.

In light of this news, we've immediately organized an auction for this upcoming Emerald City Comic Con to support Josh.

From Frazetta Comics Editor, Jay Fotos:


I have some not good news...

Josh Medors, artist on Frazetta's Swamp Demon has cancer, he went in and got a tumor removed from his spine a few months ago and it's back and with more specialists involved found out it's a very rare cancer that is normally found in the brain.

He is in kemo therapy now and was told if this does not work he has 3 months to live.

Of course like most freelance artists he does not have insurance.

So, I would like to do as much as I can to raise some money to help pay for some of his bills.

I'm working with Image Comics now on setting up a auction at Emerald City Comicon (in 2 weeks)... that Frazetta Comics will have a booth at.

So I ask everyone here is that you can donate something for this auction that would be greatly appreciated.

Josh is a good friend, father and artist.

With the support from the comic industry that he loves dearly, we can all help ease his pain just a little would be most appreciated.

Please contact me on what you would like to donate.

They can be sent to:

Jim Demonakos
c/o ECCC Medors Auction
10706 57th Pl. W.
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Information on what you can do to help is available here:

* In other news, tonight, ArtLoveMagic presents: ARRIVE, a night of live art, music, poetry, and celebration. The event starts at 8 PM. $5 cover. Mokah Art Gallery in Deep Ellum.


I'm not quite ready for the press release, but I thought I'd share an update on the minicomic. It's going to be called "Mine All Mine," a series of one-page vignettes about taking what doesn't belong to you. Uh, stealing. The minicomic will debut at CAPE on May 3rd. I wrote all the vignettes. So far, here's who I have involved on the art end...

Cover by Tania Kaufmann

Samax Amen ("The Plan")
Ryan Cody ("Long Walk Home")
David DeGrand ("Stealing Electricity")
Joe Eisma ("Lost Wallet")
Jake Ekiss ("Vending Machines")
Derrick Fish ("Misdirection")
John Gonzales ("My First Stolen Car")
Michael Lagocki ("Tools of the Trade")
Jim Lujan ("The Nigerian Scam")
Paul Milligan ("Kidnapping")
Wes Molebash ("I Found It")
Chad Sell ("Will Run for Food")
Cal Slayton ("Return Policy")
Justin Stewart ("Blanket Thief")
ZeeS ("Pickpocket")
Scott Zirkel ("The Oil Change")

I appreciate everyone who decided to jump on board despite the time constraints. In a better world, I would have thought of this project months ago, and then you could've procrastinated to the last minute. Now I've taken that away from you. My apologies.


I just sent an e-mail (posted below). This could get ugly. If you did not get the e-mail and you want to participate, let me know. I didn't contact some folks, because I knew you were incredibly swamped with other projects that we're collaborating on, such as 50 Miles to Marfa, Omisoka Bridge, Bolivar, Astronaut Dad Vol.2, and Karma Incorporated Vol.2.

Already, I've received six confirmations (UPDATE: 15 confirmations) from some very talented artists.

Hello friends,

I'm working on a one-shot comic that will consist of a series of one page vignettes -- about thieves, crooks, scoundrels, con artists, etc. Each page, a different artist. I'm trying to pull some favors with all the artists I know. With CAPE ( and Free Comic Book Day right around the corner, why not release it as a mini-comic with anyone who can contribute? I'll see if I can get a lovely publisher for the final version.

If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you a script by Friday. Due date for the finished inked and lettered page: April 25th. I need it grayscale, 300 dpi, tiff, 5.5"(width) x 8.5"(height). Put your name on page somewhere at the bottom, title at the top. I'll credit myself on the title page, along with all the participating artists.

Some of you may not be able to make the April 25th deadline, but would be interested in playing along for the final version. If so, let me know, and I'll add you to that list.

For people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I'll print enough (I hope) for you to have some copies at your booth at CAPE or wherever else you will be that day. If you want to make a print of your own page to sign and sell, have at it -- hell, I'd be seriously honored.

If you live outside of DFW, time permitting, I'll try to mail you the copies before Free Comic Book Day. Otherwise, I can mail the files to print your own mini-comic for Free Comic Book Day.

**Working with this many artists is really a bad idea**, but I'm also excited about what will come together. I know you all are insanely busy with your own work. I apologize if my request is a last minute inconvenience on top of the thousand other people who want a piece of you. I'd like to say I'd never bother you again, but we all know that's not true. If this one page project sounds like fun, jump in and join the mischief. If not, no worries.

:: David H.

A little experiment. Let see how this goes.