I just sent an e-mail (posted below). This could get ugly. If you did not get the e-mail and you want to participate, let me know. I didn't contact some folks, because I knew you were incredibly swamped with other projects that we're collaborating on, such as 50 Miles to Marfa, Omisoka Bridge, Bolivar, Astronaut Dad Vol.2, and Karma Incorporated Vol.2.

Already, I've received six confirmations (UPDATE: 15 confirmations) from some very talented artists.

Hello friends,

I'm working on a one-shot comic that will consist of a series of one page vignettes -- about thieves, crooks, scoundrels, con artists, etc. Each page, a different artist. I'm trying to pull some favors with all the artists I know. With CAPE ( and Free Comic Book Day right around the corner, why not release it as a mini-comic with anyone who can contribute? I'll see if I can get a lovely publisher for the final version.

If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you a script by Friday. Due date for the finished inked and lettered page: April 25th. I need it grayscale, 300 dpi, tiff, 5.5"(width) x 8.5"(height). Put your name on page somewhere at the bottom, title at the top. I'll credit myself on the title page, along with all the participating artists.

Some of you may not be able to make the April 25th deadline, but would be interested in playing along for the final version. If so, let me know, and I'll add you to that list.

For people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I'll print enough (I hope) for you to have some copies at your booth at CAPE or wherever else you will be that day. If you want to make a print of your own page to sign and sell, have at it -- hell, I'd be seriously honored.

If you live outside of DFW, time permitting, I'll try to mail you the copies before Free Comic Book Day. Otherwise, I can mail the files to print your own mini-comic for Free Comic Book Day.

**Working with this many artists is really a bad idea**, but I'm also excited about what will come together. I know you all are insanely busy with your own work. I apologize if my request is a last minute inconvenience on top of the thousand other people who want a piece of you. I'd like to say I'd never bother you again, but we all know that's not true. If this one page project sounds like fun, jump in and join the mischief. If not, no worries.

:: David H.

A little experiment. Let see how this goes.