I'm not quite ready for the press release, but I thought I'd share an update on the minicomic. It's going to be called "Mine All Mine," a series of one-page vignettes about taking what doesn't belong to you. Uh, stealing. The minicomic will debut at CAPE on May 3rd. I wrote all the vignettes. So far, here's who I have involved on the art end...

Cover by Tania Kaufmann

Samax Amen ("The Plan")
Ryan Cody ("Long Walk Home")
David DeGrand ("Stealing Electricity")
Joe Eisma ("Lost Wallet")
Jake Ekiss ("Vending Machines")
Derrick Fish ("Misdirection")
John Gonzales ("My First Stolen Car")
Michael Lagocki ("Tools of the Trade")
Jim Lujan ("The Nigerian Scam")
Paul Milligan ("Kidnapping")
Wes Molebash ("I Found It")
Chad Sell ("Will Run for Food")
Cal Slayton ("Return Policy")
Justin Stewart ("Blanket Thief")
ZeeS ("Pickpocket")
Scott Zirkel ("The Oil Change")

I appreciate everyone who decided to jump on board despite the time constraints. In a better world, I would have thought of this project months ago, and then you could've procrastinated to the last minute. Now I've taken that away from you. My apologies.