Some links and updates... This one is from January 4th. Very proud to have MINE ALL MINE mentioned in Cherry Grrl: Lesbian Entertainment News + Culture. The article talks about the one-page comic illustrated by Cat Staggs and written by me, titled "Darcy." Despite being only four panels of art and 24 words of dialogue, I put a lot of thought into this one, and of course, Cat's art is absolutely sublime. I'm glad Cherry Grrl picked up on all the details. The article mentioned that the comic was written for a friend of mine who recently came out, and that's true. It also adds "and is having a difficult time dealing with it." In all fairness, I don't know if that's completely accurate. I took liberty as a writer to send her a little message, a pat on the back, which I think she needed. I've always been an ardent supporter of gay rights (PFLAG), but I'm hesitant to write gay, lesbian, or bi characters simply to be subversive or exploitative. Certainly, some writers do. That's their artistic choice, and there's a need for that. However, for me, if a character is gay, I want to write them as naturally as I would write a straight character. I think "Darcy" captures that.

The second to last batch of comics for Design-PT is finished. Cal Slayton posted them on his blog. It was a fun challenge to develop an advertising campaign for an I.T. company using comics.

Paul Milligan and I finished the May installment of D Magazine's SOUVENIR OF DALLAS. This comic will focus on the re-design of the Texas Giant roller coaster for the 2011 season at Six Flags. I had the chance to interview the director of construction and maintenance, which was interesting. No links yet.

The next WE'VE NEVER MET will be in this Thursday's Quick. Also, the comics archive has been updated on their blog.

I received my pro registration confirmation for 2010 Comic-Con International. I haven't worked out hotel and travel plans yet, but I'll probably plan it around a visit to see my family in Huntington Beach and attend the convention on Thursday and Friday. I'd like to attend the Eisner Awards. Yes, yes, I know it'll be impossible to book a hotel. I'll figure something out.