With the school year almost over, it was an insanely busy week -- grades, exemptions, TAKS scores, staff meetings, text books, the review, the final, and a thousand other administrative tasks. There were a few highlights to my week:

I was added to the guest list for Dallas Comic Con, August 15-16. I'm working on a new banner for my booth, maybe also some 1" buttons and a finished preview of ASTRONAUT DAD, FRONTIER, and HOW TO LOSE BIG.

Nate Bramble asked me to write the foreword for HERMIT HILL. It's an incredible web comic, and he's compiling the first year of strips into book format. It should be available in time for Dallas Comic Con.

The editor approved my story idea for OUTLAW TERRITORY Vol. 3. Now, I need to work on the script. I'm not going to reveal much, except it involves Judge Roy Bean. Between this anthology, POPGUN Vol. 3-4, and JAM! TALES FROM THE DERBY GIRLS, I've been fairly active with short stories.

I may write BOLIVAR (remember?) as a novel. What I want to accomplish with this story could be too massive for a comic book. And no, I'm not suggesting that a comic can't be epic in scope. However, with a novel, I have more control -- and that's what I need with this story. I may change the title and rethink the entire plot. I don't know if this novel is going to happen, but it's been fun to daydream.

Most importantly! Congratulations to my friend Jeff and K-10 on the birth of their daughter Lily Anna Elden, 7 lbs 15 oz and was 20 and 1/2 inches long.


I'm back from my family reunion. (Photos will be loaded on Flickr soon.) After a year working on BOLIVAR, which has characters based off my extended family, it was a little surreal spending time with the older real life Hope, Jesse, and Linda. I had to remind myself they never actually visited the spirit world of Campeche. Yes, sometimes, reality is an issue for me.

The August issue of D Magazine is now available. Paul Milligan and I have our "Souvenir of Dallas" comic featured on page 22. It's about the Dallas Cowboys and the Death Star. Yes, you heard correct. It's the "Best Of" issue. So, did I happen to miss the "Best Of D" party? I went last year and had a great time. If so, I'm sorry I missed it.

One thing that no one should miss (note the transition) is our comic book creator gathering at Lee Harvey's this Thursday from 8 PM to 10 PM. Our event was mentioned in their weekly newsletter: "We are also proud to host Dallas area comic book writers, artists, and fans for their monthly get togethers starting next Thursday, August 7. It's absolutely informal, and everyone is invited." There. We made them proud. It would be rude not to attend.

I've donated some signed graphic novels to "I Wanna Be A Robot" at Club Dada. Some of my favorite local bands will be performing: Laura Palmer, Lovie, Happy Bullets, and The Tah-Dahs. I will certainly be there. (more info)

In other events, you need to mark your calendar for August 21st at Zubar on Greenville Avenue. The show PLAYLIST boasts "classic, old, new, true, and all real hip-hop" and will feature art by Khalid Robertson, Samax Randolph, and Michael Lagocki.

On October 23rd, I will be participating in the "Writers as Readers and Readers as Writers" panel at the North Branch Mesquite Library, hosted by The Writer's Garret. It's part of a month long look at Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451. Or at least, I hope I'll still be participating. The organizer sent me this nice email, and then I sent this lengthy response clarifying that while I am a "comic book" writer that does not mean that I write "comic" material, i.e. humor. I haven't heard back from her. Anyways, if I didn't come across as a complete jerk, I'll be at the library on October 23rd.

What else? I'm working on re-write for the BULLETPROOF WEST synopsis. And I'm waiting to hear back from Paul Milligan about a new project, possibly.


My forum has been more active recently. If you want to participate, let me know (post comment or e-mail) and give me your screen name, that way Jamar can authorize your account. The JNN forums have had trouble with spambots in the past.

I was interviewed again for the podcast Half Hour Wasted. And actually, I talk a bit about Bolivar. Check it out. You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.


I really need to clean out my garage and my office. Need to paint my office too. Need to finish raking and bagging leaves. Need to finish chapter two of Bolivar -- which by the way, Diana sent me the final inked pages for chapter one and they look beautiful. She has some concept sketches to work through, and then we're putting together the proposal. Need to buy some groceries. Need to pay some bills first.


KARMA INCORPORATED Vol. 1 and ASTRONAUT DAD Vol. 1 trade paperbacks are at the printers, soon to be in stores. I've finished the re-write for ASTRONAUT DAD Vol. 2, and I'm more or less finished with KARMA INCORPORATED Vol. 2. As of yesterday, I sent in my second script to D Magazine for SOUVENIR OF DALLAS.

So what's next?


Illustrated by Diana Nock, BOLIVAR integrates the true story of my grandfather's family during World War II with a fantasy journey into the spirit world of Campeche. My Grandpa David was one of thirteen children. Eight of them served in the war. I did extensive research, collecting old newspaper articles and personal interviews with the people who lived through it all. It's going to be the longest story I've written at just over 200 pages. Diana and I want to release the story as a single graphic novel. However, we need to find the right publisher.


Stuff I've read this week:
The Walking Dead Vol. 6 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, Houdini: The Handcuff King by Jason Lutes and Nick Bertozzi, Shenanigans by Ian Shaughnessy and Mike Holmes

Stuff I've listened to this week:
The Mouse and the Mask by Danger Doom, Songs of Murder Pain and Woe by 100 Damned Guns

Stuff I've watched this week:
The Wire Season One, Smoking Aces, Brick (again)

Still drinking Diet Coke.

Bought Kennedy's birthday present yesterday. She turns 3 tomorrow.

Scripting the second chapter of Bolivar.

Working on a new pulse article for D Magazine.