With the school year almost over, it was an insanely busy week -- grades, exemptions, TAKS scores, staff meetings, text books, the review, the final, and a thousand other administrative tasks. There were a few highlights to my week:

I was added to the guest list for Dallas Comic Con, August 15-16. I'm working on a new banner for my booth, maybe also some 1" buttons and a finished preview of ASTRONAUT DAD, FRONTIER, and HOW TO LOSE BIG.

Nate Bramble asked me to write the foreword for HERMIT HILL. It's an incredible web comic, and he's compiling the first year of strips into book format. It should be available in time for Dallas Comic Con.

The editor approved my story idea for OUTLAW TERRITORY Vol. 3. Now, I need to work on the script. I'm not going to reveal much, except it involves Judge Roy Bean. Between this anthology, POPGUN Vol. 3-4, and JAM! TALES FROM THE DERBY GIRLS, I've been fairly active with short stories.

I may write BOLIVAR (remember?) as a novel. What I want to accomplish with this story could be too massive for a comic book. And no, I'm not suggesting that a comic can't be epic in scope. However, with a novel, I have more control -- and that's what I need with this story. I may change the title and rethink the entire plot. I don't know if this novel is going to happen, but it's been fun to daydream.

Most importantly! Congratulations to my friend Jeff and K-10 on the birth of their daughter Lily Anna Elden, 7 lbs 15 oz and was 20 and 1/2 inches long.