KARMA INCORPORATED Vol. 1 and ASTRONAUT DAD Vol. 1 trade paperbacks are at the printers, soon to be in stores. I've finished the re-write for ASTRONAUT DAD Vol. 2, and I'm more or less finished with KARMA INCORPORATED Vol. 2. As of yesterday, I sent in my second script to D Magazine for SOUVENIR OF DALLAS.

So what's next?


Illustrated by Diana Nock, BOLIVAR integrates the true story of my grandfather's family during World War II with a fantasy journey into the spirit world of Campeche. My Grandpa David was one of thirteen children. Eight of them served in the war. I did extensive research, collecting old newspaper articles and personal interviews with the people who lived through it all. It's going to be the longest story I've written at just over 200 pages. Diana and I want to release the story as a single graphic novel. However, we need to find the right publisher.