Originally posted here. Hello Friends,

My husband of just one year has decided to take a leap into the unknown. Having taught high school English and Creative Writing for 12 years, he has decided to leave the classroom and become a full-time writer. I am fully supportive of this decision, one that we made together, as I recognize his amazing talent and discipline as a writer and creative person. This decision is not a complete blind leap, as he has been working towards this goal for a few years now. He has had a successful run with D Magazine, winner of this year's "Best in Nation" award from City Magazine Awards. (You can read one my favorite pieces by David here: Six Flags Mall Is Still Open)

To "kickstart" his work, so to speak, he is devising a SHORT STORY OF THE MONTH CLUB to give him a creative boost during this first year. If you subscribe, you will receive one short story a month (hence the project name). The stories will be coupled with an illustration by me, the supportive and equally project-hungry wife. I'm very excited to see his stories come to life, but also I am excited to embark on my own creative opportunity as his illustrator side-kick.

All the information: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidhopkins/short-story-of-the-month-club

If you pledge $10, you will receive a full-year subscription (10 short stories). If you pledge more, you can get a softcover or hardcover print edition. You can get original artwork, book dedications, or ad space for whatever. No money will be collected unless he reaches his pledge goal.

It all starts here. To pledge: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidhopkins/short-story-of-the-month-club

Thanks y'all, and I'll be in touch. I hope you are doing well!

Best, April (Wenzel) Hopkins