Success brings its own challenges. Now that Dallas Comic Con has moved to the Irving Convention Center and has expanded its guest list to include heavy hitters like Patrick Stewart and Stan Lee, the organizers have to figure out what to do with people who swarmed the two-day event. I once referred to Dallas Comic Con as "a small convention that feels big or a big convention that feels small." Those days are over. The exhibit hall was crowded, and the lines were long. No one seemed to mind too much. Everyone was in good spirits. These problems are typical for large conventions, and Dallas Comic Con has graduated to elite status. From Dallas Comic Con's website:

A sincere thank you to all that came out to the biggest Dallas Comic Con in history. The turnout was almost twice last year’s attendance, which filled the Irving Convention Center well beyond our hopeful goal of 15,000 attendees.

And also:

As you might imagine, we will also be looking for alternative locations that can better handle larger gatherings, adding day(s), and other ways to help service more fans. North Texas deserves its own Comic Con, we hope that if you left with less than a perfect experience, you realize we are aware of it and we will do everything possible to address these issues.

None of Dallas Comic Con's "problems" were all that epic or unusual, and I'm sure they'll solve them for the next show. The organizers are proactive, and Dallas Comic Con will get better. At the same time, some "problems" are here to stay, because they are simply part of hosting a large event. The regulars will get accustomed to it, and all is well.

I was among the small press guests located on the fourth floor. There was some concern if we would get any of the heavy traffic from the exhibit hall. However, we had a steady flow of people and all the artists I talked with were satisfied with what they earned over the weekend. In all the years I've set up at Dallas Comic Con, I had my best convention thus far. Of course, it didn't hurt that I had a new book to sell. I sold out of ASTRONAUT DAD and will need to order more copies.

Kennedy had a great time at Dallas Comic Con. (Convention tip #1: Sundays are for kids. It's not as crowded, and they will enjoy it more.) She was able to occupy her time and didn't get bored. Thank you to Chad Thomas, Jake Ekiss, Paul Milligan, and Josh Howard for drawing in Kennedy's sketchbook. She loves the art. Kennedy found some X-Men toys. I found Fantastic Four #21 and #27. We also had a Matrix-style light saber duel (click here).

Thank you Pat Bussey for the monster sticker. Thank you Cal Slayton and Erik Reeves for being my weekend neighbors. Thank you Kristian Donaldson for bringing the beer to Fratelli's.

Being at my booth, I was somewhat sheltered from the Saturday chaos: Taffeta Darling gives her thoughts. It's definitely worth a listen.