It should be obvious, but you are no longer at I switched my site over to Very little has changed about the design. (Thank you David Garlitz for the "viala" wordpress theme.) The content is all here. I did move from Doteasy as my host to Bluehost. Doteasy is a little cheaper, but I get more from Bluehost. It also seems to be more Wordpress friendly. Why the change?

I felt Antihero Comics was limiting as a brand and a URL. I'm not a publisher, and I've had people stumble upon my site with that expectation. Also, "antihero" carries all sorts of connotations that may not always reflect my work. The biggest issue is the "comics" part. In the coming year, I'll continue to write comics, but I'm going to look for more magazine work too -- more anthologies, more journals, and a whole lot of freelance work in a variety of markets. Textbook publishers? Advertising agencies? Copy for websites and corporate reports? Sure, maybe. And of course, it doesn't hurt to have my name in the URL.

For years, I've been stalking, which is currently occupied. I even asked him if he'd sell the domain name. I used to get a little frustrated because he wasn't using our name to its fullest potential. Hell, I'm a writer. People will visit my dot com! With age comes wisdom, and I now appreciate the Internet as wonderfully first-come-first-serve. He got to the domain name first. It's his. I'm not the David Hopkins as I've seen some people approach the name+dot com issue. I'm even more amused by celebrities who proclaim to be the real whoever. No. I'm simply that David Hopkins. You know him.

Thanks for reading my blog all these years. Or welcome, if you're new. Either way, keep visiting or add me to your RSS feed. I'll try to be interesting.