At April's urging, I'm reading THE ANTI 9 TO 5 GUIDE: PRACTICAL CAREER ADVICE FOR WOMEN WHO THINK OUTSIDE THE CUBE by Michelle Goodman. It's a good book, well written, and I plan to read her follow up MY SO-CALLED FREELANCE LIFE. It's amusing to read something written with default feminine pronouns. I sometimes forget I live in a culture that defaults to masculine pronouns. When she writes things specific to her female audience (such as from page 21 "...and unless you're one of the lucky few with a savings account burning a hole in her bra..."), it feels like my high school PE teacher is yelling me at while I'm walking/jogging laps around the dirt track. ("Okay ladies, pick up your pace and start running!") Thus, Goodman's tone attempts to build rapport--but I feel like I should hustle and stopping slacking off. Either way, it's effective.

In other freelance news, I just finished two more pieces for D Magazine, one about downtown Arlington and one about the three new breweries in Dallas.