In the mail, I received my TRIUMPH OF THE WALKING DEAD comps. The essay I wrote ("The Hero Wears the Hat") marks my third contribution to the Smart Pop series. If you haven't been to their site, it's an online treasure of all good things in popular culture. Go there. Smart Pop was hip to geeks before G4 ever thought to take a camera crew to Comic Con. Respect must be given to the hardest working publisher in fandom. TRIUMPH OF THE WALKING DEAD is a great anthology and available on Amazon for $10.17. Let's say you're not a fan of WALKING DEAD, but you are a fan of me. You can buy just my essay as a pdf download from their site as well. It's only 99 cents. The essay should be available soon. Until then, you could buy my Spider-Man essay (click here) or my Superman essay (click here).