You can now order the complete ASTRONAUT DAD (160 pages, b&w) on Amazon and We get a little more money per sale through Createspace, so if you don't mind which online retailer you use -- it'd be preferable to use the smaller guys. Since we're publishing this book through a print-on-demand company, this book will not be available through the Previews catalog. Hence, you probably won't find this book in comic book stores. If you want it, you'll need to buy it online. (For local retailers, I might be able to direct order some copies for you. However, I can't sell it on consignment. Contact me to let me know how many copies you want.) I'll post an announcement if I do a signing anywhere in town or have a booth at a convention. Speaking of conventions, this weekend is Fan Days at the Irving Convention Center. I won't have a booth, but Kennedy and I are going for fun on Sunday. As always, they have some great guests -- and with the larger convention floor space, these shows (Dallas Comic Con, Fan Days, and Sci-Fi Expo) should be considered among the top tier "geek events" in the country.