My friend and our club secretary Odunayo Ajiboye is competing in the 77th Annual Southwest Open this weekend. He's rated 2107, 93 points short of earning a National Master title. I don't want to put any additional pressure on him, but I promised Odunayo a party once he reaches 2200. We'll order a cake and celebrate during one of our Thursday meetings. Here's a game Odunayo played against David Phillips at this year's Texas State Championship. I found it posted in the July-August 2011 issue of Texas Knights.

[pgn height=450 initialHalfmove=start autoplayMode=none] [Event "Texas State Championship"] [Site "Dallas Texas"] [Date "2011.05.28"] [Round "4"] [White "Odunayo Ajiboye"] [Black "David Phillips"] [WhiteElo "2028"] [BlackElo "2072"] [ECO "D31"] [Result "1-0"] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Be7 4.Bf4 Nf6 5.e3 O-O 6.Bd3 c5 7.cxd5 cxd4 8.exd4 Nxd5 9.Bg3 Nc6 10.Nf3 Nf6 11.a3 b6 12.O-O Bb7 13.Re1 Rc8 14.Bh4 Rc7 15.Qa4 Nh5 16.Bxe7 Nxe7 17.Nb5 Bc6 18.Qb3 Bxb5 19.Qxb5 Qd5 20.Qa4 Nf6 21.Ba6 Qc6 22.Qxc6 Rxc6 23.Rac1 Rxc1 24.Rxc1 Nfd5 25.Ne5 Rd8 26.Kf1 Kf8 27.Ke2 Nf5 28.Nc6 Rd7 29.g4 Nd6 30.Ne5 Rc7 31.Rc6 Ke7 32.Rxc7+ Nxc7 33.Bd3 a6 34.Bxh7 g6 35.h4 Nd5 36.Kf3 Nf6 37.Nxg6+ fxg6 38.Bxg6 Nc4 39.g5 Nd5 40.Bd3 b5 41.Bxc4 bxc4 42.Ke4 c3 43.bxc3 Nxc3+ 44.Ke5 Kf7 45.h5 a5 46.g6+ Kg7 47.Kxe6 Nb5 48.d5 Nd4+ 49.Ke7 Nf5+ 50.Ke8 a4 51.f3 Kh6 52.f4 Ng7+ 53.Kf7 Nf5 54.Kf6 Nd6 55.Ke6 Nb5 56.d6 Nd4+ 57.Kd5 1-0 [/pgn]

And Odunayo, I want some cake.