There is a reoccurring minor character in WE'VE NEVER MET. In the scripts, he's dubbed the "Austin Homeless Hippy." He's made appearances inWNM #9, WNM #10, WNM #11, and more recently in WNM #38

The basic storyline is that the Austin Homeless Hippy hitched a ride with Alex from Austin to Denton, when Alex accidentally thought Inklings were performing at SXSW. Austin Homeless Hippy then gets left in Dallas. Liz makes the comment: "We need to get this guy home." Apparently, she never followed through, because by WNM #38 he's panhandling for bus fare. For people who pay extra close attention, the Austin Homeless Hippy did return in last week's WNM #57 in panel one (click here). Liz doesn't even recognize him. After a few months in Dallas, he's turned his life around, and works for a home insulation company.

Will we see him again in WE'VE NEVER MET? Quite possibly. (Yes.)