Yesterday, I attended the Texas Chess Association meeting in Dallas. It was a good opportunity to introduce myself to the other club and tournament organizers, tell them a little bit about what we're going to do in Arlington and learn how TCA operates. The votes were counted for TCA officers: Binny Nanavati is Secretary, Barbara Swafford is Treasurer, Lakshmana Viswanath is Vice President and Clemente Rendon is President. Clemente was not able to attend, so Lakshmana ran the meeting. We discussed the budget, and talked about vests for TDs at major tournaments to make them easier to identify. However, it was decided there are more cost effective options such as matching shirts or name tags. Tim Redman announced the upcoming Koltanowski Conference on Chess and Education, and thanked TCA for its support. Tanya Baker discussed the Tyler Chess Center. TCA went over the bids for upcoming major tournaments. Texas Knights magazine is moving from semi-monthly to quarterly, which is due to budgetary/content matters and also in keeping with the other state chess publications. Forrest Marler of Temple Chess Club announced plans for a trust fund to promote scholastic chess. And lastly, TCA needed some vector art of their logo in order to make banners and such for tournaments. I volunteered my wife to redesign their logo (thanks April!), which she's working on right now. I'll share the new TCA logo with everyone once it's available. So far, it looks incredible. And that's everything from the meeting. If anyone who was at the meeting noticed I forgot to mention something, please post in the comments.

After the meeting, I talked with editor Selby Anderson. Chess Club of Arlington has purchased a year's worth of one page ads in Texas Knights to promote our inaugural year as an organization.

Have a great Labor Day everyone. The weather in Arlington is perfect for chess outdoors at a park somewhere.