This traditional "year in review" posted a little later than usual. We returned from vacation on January 2nd, and came home to a broken router. Two trips to two different AT&T stores, a call to tech support, a missed security question ("Who is my favorite singer?"), and a $100 router later, now I'm back online. April is sick. Unfortunately, that's her holiday tradition. And Kennedy is still on California time. She's wide awake, while I'm trying to convince her that she's tired. It's a lost cause.

This year has been good. April and I have been together for over two years. It's hard to believe it's been so long. That's pretty serious, right? I think so. More adventures to follow. Kennedy is five years old now. She's in public school, which has been great -- and no longer paying for the Montessori Academy is kinda like giving myself a raise. However, most importantly, she's learning a lot and enjoys school. Score one for America's education system. Cynics need not comment. One of last year's resolutions was to pay off my debts, and I'm happy to report I'm almost there. I only have one bill left, not including mortgage. I should have everything settled come this May. Then I can have... something called a... savings? I believe this is what adults do with their money. Then the money makes more money, all by itself. My biggest frustration of last year was not getting any new graphic novels on the shelf, but hopefully 2010 will be more generous. I'll just keep writing and pushing forward. Anything else to report? April says I make my posts too long, so I'll stop now and get to the part you've probably skipped to anyways: the lists.

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Memorable events for 2009:

* G1 Google phone
* Kennedy's 5th birthday party
* Roadtrip along Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur and Carmel
* 4th of July Fireworks at Laguna Beach
* Getting Berkeley (dog #2)
* Kennedy's first day of Kindergarten
* Officiating Chris and Sasha's wedding
* Debut of "We've Never Met"

Favorite comic books I read in 2009:

* Monster
* Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka
* Asterios Polyp
* Stitches
* Three Shadows
* You Have Killed Me
* Parker: The Hunter

Favorite TV Shows I watched in 2009:

* Lost
* How I Met Your Mother
* Dollhouse
* 30 Rock
* Carnivale
* Venture Brothers

Favorite movies I watched in 2009:

* (500) Days of Summer
* Away We Go
* Synecdoche, New York
* Pirate Radio
* An Education
* The Brothers Bloom
* Inglourious Basterds

Favorite food for 2009:

* Barra Kebab Masala from Tandoor

Favorite music I listened to in 2009:

* A Camp, Colonia
* Old Canes, Early Morning Hymns
* Ramona Falls, Intuit
* Robert Gomez, Pine Sticks and Phosphorus
* A.A. Bondy, American Hearts