This week, I've been working on SOUVENIR OF DALLAS for D Magazine's March issue. It's covering affordable dining in Deep Ellum.

In addition to some other freelance work, I'm plotting WE'VE NEVER MET through the month of April. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming, without spoiling too much.

January 14th: Disaster Picnic 2010. Already scripted and illustrated, this one will come out on Thursday. We're introducing another major character, Patricia.

January 28th: Already scripted, this one flashes back to what else happened at Lee Harvey's on New Year's Eve. Keith and Patricia are involved.

February 11th: We return to Disaster Picnic 2010. In honor of Valentine's Day, Patricia and Liz talk about relationship problems. Actually, Patricia does most of the talking.

February 25th: SXSW, part 1. The band loads up and prepares to make the trip down to Austin for SXSW.

March 11th: SXSW, part 2. The band in Austin.

March 25th: SXSW, part 3. The band in Austin.

April 8th: SXSW, part 4. The band returns from SXSW, and they're happy to be back.