First, thank you to everyone at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles for hosting us. There was some confusion at first, because our contact person was out all week with H1N1. So, I showed up with a box of comics (early as always) and they didn't know they were having a signing -- but it didn't phase them at all. "Cool. Let's set you up over here." Introductions were made, and we were good to go. Plus, with California locals Christopher Higginson, Cat Staggs, and Sina Grace, we were able to bring a lot of people to Golden Apple. The people at that comic book store were all very nice. It was good to hang out with Christopher, Cat, and Sina -- and thank you Christian Beranek and Christina Weir for stopping by and supporting us.

A picture of us at the signing (click here)

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The latest WE'VE NEVER MET is now available, featuring the new logo by Jenni Leder. Look for Quick in racks around town. (click here)

This week's Quick also features some love for the web series The Variants.