To all people who live within driving distance of Dallas (which I estimate to be a 173 mile radius), there are some events you need to attend.

Event #1. This Saturday, The Happy Bullets and Amo Joy are playing at the Amsterdam Bar. Favorite local band + another great band + favorite bar (that's not called "Lee Harvey's). Drive to 831 S. Exposition Ave.

Event #2. Friday, August 7th, Art Conspiracy's SEED at Sons of Hermann Hall. The money raised during the SEED event will be used to fund the operating costs associated with Art Conspiracy’s large scale December fundraiser. So yeah, it's a fundraiser for a fundraiser. Music by True Widow, Airline, and Glen Farris. Always a unique event. This year, twenty local artists made lanterns from coffee tins. Last year, they auctioned journals (one was mine). Comic books next year? Yes? Drive to 3414 Elm Street.

Event #3. Saturday and Sunday, August 15th-16th, Dallas Comic Con. I could tell you who all will be there, but why not click the link? Lots of great local talent and a few big name writers and artists outside the Dallas area. Even if you are not "into comics" or "having fun," you should take the leap. Try it out. If it's your first time, I'd be happy to give you a step-by-step guide on how to enjoy yourself. Drive to 411 W. Arapaho Rd in Richardson.