I'm happy to announce Alison Acton as the artist for PRINCESSES VS. UNICORNS.

Alison is a fellow contributor to PopGun Vol. 3. She wrote and illustrated the wonderful "Cave Pat and the Early Feminist Movement" on page 285, and illustrated The Faerie Path from TokyoPop. Alison is also the creator of the web comic Bear Nuts -- with such lovable characters as Nerd Bear, Prozac Bear, Evil Bear, Crack Bear, Tanked Bear, Gimpy Bear, and Gay Bear. You can see more art on her website (three o's). I especially love the Mini-Melees.

We found the perfect artist for our princess/unicorn bloodbath.

The team is complete: Paul Milligan on the main story of HOW TO LOSE BIG (with grayscale shading and additional support by Jake Ekiss), Brock Rizy on OH NO POGO, and Alison Acton on PRINCESSES VS. UNICORNS. More updates soon.