April is designing an Antihero Comics poster, which John Gonzales has offered to screen print. Thanks guys! It will be available for sale at Wizard World Texas. Expect it to look lovely.

In other good news, I have become a huge fan of Michael Shelfer, the artist for Private School (TokyoPop), Ghostbusters (TokyoPop), and Dead Already (Seven Seas).

I've always been a supporter of OEL Manga. To me, any form that takes Japanese comic art through an American perspective is interesting. There's a lot of talent and potential for growth. To leave Japan as the sole provider of manga, would be like saying only Americans are allowed to create rock'n'roll. Granted a comic book is a comic book, but the Japanese tradition is decidedly unique. As such, I've wanted to tell a story with a "manga" approach/sensibility, for lack of a better term. Thanks to Michael Shelfer that looks like a very real possibility. We're still at the early stages with everything, but expect more news on a collaborative project tentatively called FRONTIER.

In the meantime, check out some of his work on Deviant Art.