Here are some pages from our graphic novel FRONTIER, courtesy of Michael Shelfer.

I've been busy on the script, and it's coming together insanely well. This story has floated in my head for so long -- all that time has helped, now that I'm finally writing it.


Tomorrow, PopGun Vol. 3 will be in stores. The anthology features my story "50 Miles to Marfa" (on page 311), illustrated by Dan Warner. These short stories are good opportunities to work with artists who might otherwise be too busy with their own projects, and it was a real thrill to collaborate with Dan. I hope I might be able to work with him again sometime in the future.

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I'm signing copies of PopGun at Zeus Comics (more info).

I tried to print some spiffy bookmarks for the event, but apparently "Overnight Prints" is a misleading business name. Sure, they'll print them overnight, but that doesn't mean they'll ship it to you the next day. Why should I even pay for 2 Day Air, when they are so slow to process the order?

With no spiffy bookmarks, I'm open to suggestions for anything to make the signing fun (because obviously nothing says F-U-N like bookmarks).

In other anthology news, Melissa and I wrote a short story for Oni's JAM! TALES FROM THE DERBY GIRLS, which was officially accepted. We're waiting to hear from Editor Jill about which artist we'll be partnered with. And the short story "The Heist and the Heart Attack" (my continuation of "50 Miles to Marfa") is finished, story and art. It will be in PopGun Vol. 4.

Some non-anthology updates...

ASTRONAUT DAD - Brent is finishing the last chapter. Everything will be completed by the end of May. Yes, it looks awesome. The story will make you cry. More news to follow.

KARMA INCORPORATED - Some cool Hollywood stuff going on, but nothing I can talk about. It's frustrating, because if I told you, you'd say: "Wow. David. That's really cool." Instead, you know nothing.

EMILY EDISON - Likewise, cool Hollywood-ish stuff I can't talk about. Brock and I are making plans for an EMILY EDISON 2, but it's a long way off. Sorry.

FRONTIER - Anyone who pays close attention to my blog knows this story has been around for awhile. I have a great artist attached, Michael Shelfer. He's finishing the pencils to our proposal, and keeps teasing me that he'll send them soon. (The anticipation is killing me. Michael, you are killing me.) Michael is one of those guys where I found an instant connection. Like Brock, Tom, Paul, or Brent, I see this as the beginning of a great ongoing writer/artist partnership. Already, he's sending me ideas for another story.

HOW TO LOSE BIG - We're getting closer to a completed proposal. It's looking good.

MARGARET MILBY MYSTERIES - Tom Kurzanski and I are still developing this one. It's a series of short "reader-solves-it" mysteries for a younger audience. Margaret Milby is a fun character. I'd love to tell you more about her, but I won't.


April is designing an Antihero Comics poster, which John Gonzales has offered to screen print. Thanks guys! It will be available for sale at Wizard World Texas. Expect it to look lovely.

In other good news, I have become a huge fan of Michael Shelfer, the artist for Private School (TokyoPop), Ghostbusters (TokyoPop), and Dead Already (Seven Seas).

I've always been a supporter of OEL Manga. To me, any form that takes Japanese comic art through an American perspective is interesting. There's a lot of talent and potential for growth. To leave Japan as the sole provider of manga, would be like saying only Americans are allowed to create rock'n'roll. Granted a comic book is a comic book, but the Japanese tradition is decidedly unique. As such, I've wanted to tell a story with a "manga" approach/sensibility, for lack of a better term. Thanks to Michael Shelfer that looks like a very real possibility. We're still at the early stages with everything, but expect more news on a collaborative project tentatively called FRONTIER.

In the meantime, check out some of his work on Deviant Art.