I helped co-host Fanboy Radio #488 last Sunday. It's available online (check it out).

The censored All-Star Batman book, new comic shout-outs, Will Smith as Captain America, Iron Man 2 news, Invincible’s animated comic, Brad Meltzer was in town, more LOST DUIs, touching TVs, Stephen King Comics, tons of callers, and, yes, Sobe tea are all tackled by Scott Hinze & David Hopkins.

Open lines can get a little weird. At one point, we suggested that comic book writers are mailing their hair to Alan Moore, so he can glue it onto his own head. I don't know where that was going. We were getting ominous messages from a bottle of SOBE Green Tea. "Mmm. Sobe. That's good stuff." Also, I'm rather proud of my burn on All-Star Batman.