Fanboy Radio used to publish a regular web comic illustrated by a group of my friends. One of my favorite stories was the "evil robot twin," created by Jeff Elden. Jeff is such a talented cartoonist. He has great pacing and comedic sensibility. The art is whimsical and simple, in the best kind of way: free of clutter. Amen. I wish more comic book artists would strive for such an approach. It's been awhile since I've seen Jeff and Justin and Jim. Hopefully, I'll get a chance sometime soon. Another road trip?

With Jeff's permission, I'm re-posting the "evil robot twin" comic. Enjoy.


The Indie Show returns to Fanboy Radio (listen here). FbR stopped producing the pre-recorded Wednesday episodes, so this is our first "live" version.

In this rowdy and content-filled hour of FbR, David and Scott speak to a crowd of indie comic creators Sina Grace creator of ‘Books with Pictures’ & ‘Cedric Hollows in Dial M for Magic,’ Len Wallace of ‘Love Buzz,’ Kevin Hanna from ‘Frogchildren Studios,’ Aaron Thomas Nelson of ‘Marlow’ & Mike Dawson of ‘Freddie and Me.’

Next time, we'll probably have fewer guests. It felt a little rushed, but it was still a fun hour. I also noticed that Scott yells more during live shows.


I hope everyone has a great day.

Fanboy Radio #496 - WISH-LIST-A-THON ‘08: Part 4
I co-hosted this episode of FbR with Scott. ("Stop the hate, aliens.") I list my recommended reads for 2008, and we discuss the motion comics available on iTunes. (click here)


I helped co-host Fanboy Radio #488 last Sunday. It's available online (check it out).

The censored All-Star Batman book, new comic shout-outs, Will Smith as Captain America, Iron Man 2 news, Invincible’s animated comic, Brad Meltzer was in town, more LOST DUIs, touching TVs, Stephen King Comics, tons of callers, and, yes, Sobe tea are all tackled by Scott Hinze & David Hopkins.

Open lines can get a little weird. At one point, we suggested that comic book writers are mailing their hair to Alan Moore, so he can glue it onto his own head. I don't know where that was going. We were getting ominous messages from a bottle of SOBE Green Tea. "Mmm. Sobe. That's good stuff." Also, I'm rather proud of my burn on All-Star Batman.


The April '08 D Magazine is now available. This particular issue includes the latest installment of "Souvenir of Dallas" (written by me and illustrated by Paul Milligan), and an article "The Dallas Museum of Art Is Validating a Marginalized Art Form" also written by me. I could get used to this.

I'll be attending DenCon on Sunday (see yesterday's post). The day before, on Saturday, I will be giving a comic book presentation at the Ridglea Library in Fort Worth with Paul Milligan. 1 PM. Anyone in the DFW area -- feel free to come by and check it out.

The March Indie Show for Fanboy Radio is online. Scott Hinze and I interview Jim Mahfood and Mike Heronime. It's a great episode. I'm glad to have the Indie Show back in regular rotation.

And yes, LOVIE did win Quick DFW's Battle of the Bands. Congrats to Cari, Rebecca, Grace, and Cathleen. Well deserved.