Fellow comic book creator Christine Pointeau has a dream to adopt a child. However, adoption is expensive. Possibly more expensive than it should be, but I'll admit I'm not up on all the intricacies of the process. Christine is humbly raising money towards this life-long dream, and you can help -- either by a direct donation or by purchasing one of her graphic novels.

Christine would make a wonderful mother. There are a lot of kids who need a good home, and not enough people like Christine in the world. Comic book artists may not make a lot of money, but what they lack in financial force -- they make up for it in creative support and community. If you can, please help out. I'd be incredibly proud if my circle of friends could collectively raise enough money to get this process moving forward. Spread the word. E-mail your friends. Blog about it. We could make a huge difference in the life of some child and for Christine.