As you may remember in a previous post, I've been busy working on a Moleskine journal for SEED. Lo and behold, I did it. Last night, I finished writing three issues of an unpublished script, LAKE ARCHER, into the notebook. April has been designing a woodcut to use on the cover. It should look really freakin' cool. From this point, it's all about filling the remaining pages with whatever loose notes, quotes, and ideas come to mind. I put together a Lake Archer soundtrack, and included it. I organized the playlist in about 15 minutes, pulling from 5,428 songs on my iTunes. I was listening to it this morning. Surprisingly, the soundtrack sounds bad ass. Here it is...

1. Whipping the Horse's Eyes by Calexico
2. A Shocking Lack Thereof by dEUS
3. Take Time by The Books
4. Sadie by Joanna Newsom
5. Atlas by Battles
6. All Nite Diner by Modest Mouse
7. Setting vs. Rising by Sunset Rubdown
8. Dollars & Cents by Radiohead
9. Tender Buttons by Broadcast
10. Coast to Coast by Elliott Smith
11. White Ink by Deerhunter
12. Plans by Grizzly Bear
13. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood by Neko Case
14. Farewell Ride by Beck
15. Raw from Self Destruction by The Baptist Generals

All of these mp3's should be available for download at the iTunes music store, except the dEUS song. Sorry. Consider it a bonus track. Anyone living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I hope you try to make it to the event on Saturday. And place a bid on my notebook! I will be in Ohio visiting my grandparents, so you need to go for me.