This month, I'm flying to California for my cousin's wedding. I'm getting into town a few days early, so I can take the opportunity to sign at the amazing Meltdown Comics. It's on a Thursday, which is somewhat of an "off day" for most retailers, but I expect a few people will wander in.

I wish I could set up another book tour road trip like I've done in the past, but with gas at $4 a gallon, it's just not a responsible thing for me to do. Someday, I'll make it back to Norman (Speeding Bullet), Lawrence (Astrokitty), and St. Louis (Starclipper). I miss you! While I love attending conventions, especially small press/indie conventions like MoCCA or STAPLE, to promote my work, I prefer visiting retailers directly and getting to know them. Thus, when I'm in California, I jump at these chances. Maybe I can find my cousin a wedding gift at Meltdown?