3/26/06 ~ Did somebody mention Karma?

Out of curiousity (and a little vanity), I visited Mile High Comics website to see if they had any copies of Karma Incorporated still for sale. For some odd reason, the price jumped from $3 (which it had been only a month ago) to $9 for a NM copy of #1?! And $8.50 for a NM copy of #3?! What happened? Did Wizard magazine mention us? Did Jennifer Contino say kudos to Hopkins and Kurzanski? Did we win some funky award? Or, the most likely scenario, maybe they only have a few copies left and figure, what the hell?

Confused, and slightly pleased, I went to eBay. And sure enough, five Karma Incorporated items currently on auction, issues of #1 and #3, priced at around $5 to $6 with a generous $4 to $7 for shipping. I clicked on an item, and the first line put me back in my place, "Not the best Viper book but it's worth a look." Ummm... thanks?

At Midtown Comics, the price went down a bit, but they also don't have any copies of #2. Did anyone read issue two? And at Lone Star, the price dropped. Now $2.40 and they have issue two in stock. Of course, the Viper Comics shop has all three, plus the San Diego variant, at cover price.

But did you hear that? Huh? According to some eBay seller, we're worth a look. Hell yeah. I'm going to party tonight!