1/14/05 ~ And the Eisner goes to...

I'd like to nominate the book "Guia del Migrante Mexicano" for the Best Single Issue category. Viva la comic books! Stirring controversy everywhere the narrative medium goes! Mr. Eisner would be proud.

Here and also here and also here and here as well

A few excerpts from the comic: the cover - 1 - 2 - 3

The complaint is that this book was "too helpful" in giving information on how to illegally immigrate into the United States. But clearly the purpose was to educate Mexican citizens on the dangers of such actions, and offer a safer alternative. Oh well.

We could talk about immigration ad naseum. But for me, it comes back to the point that a few generations ago my great great grandfather was an Irish immigrant. He came here back when people looked at the Irish much in the same way as the Mexicans nowadays. Fact is the Irish changed the face of America, and helped to build this country. I have no doubt that our Mexican arrivals will do the same. Good for them.

And if Ireland bordered the United States, I imagine we also would jump the fence or swim the river... carrying with us a pint, a bag of potatoes, and our rosary. Aye!