1/16/05 ~ At Zeus

I've really got the best friends, incredibly supportive and kind-hearted. With every single step I've taken, they've been there. So... thank you. I realize it's not about artificial definitions of success or failure. It's about doing what you love and loving it enough to share it with others. I hope I don't sound too trite saying that. At times, I feel a little embarrassed. What have I done to deserve such cool friends?

The Zeus signing went well. To me, Richard is the best retailer in the business. He does everything right. Granted, comic book store owners are among my personal heroes-- rank them up there with teachers, firefighters, and astronauts. And there are many good stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Zeus is a model on how to make a fan-friendly store, which is also welcoming to first-timers. Thank you, Richard.

It was awesome hanging with Ben. He's the nicest guy-- and ridiculously talented. I loved working with him on the Western Tales story. I'd love to work with him again. (Alex Hambry, if you're reading this, treat him right!) One of the highlights of my day was when a young kid Nick and his father came to get their book signed and a sketch. Nick was interested in being a comic book artist. Ben really made his day. Cooler than cool. Throughout the day, Ben did a few sketches-- Aquaman, Spiderman, Daredevil, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Fantastic Four (oh wait, the last one was for me!)

Melissa and Kennedy were there for almost the entire four hours. Melissa is not only my partner-in-crime, my friend, my fashion consultant, and my editor, but she's also my biggest supporter. Whenever we go to a convention or something comic book related (last year's 24 hour comic book day for example), she works to take care of me in a hundred different ways that I often don't even notice or think about. But everything goes off without a hitch, and it's always because of her. She makes it possible. I love you.

In more frightful news, Ben's wife Marlena nearly died yesterday. On I-35, a semi crashed directly in front of her. Thankfully for some keen driving skills, good timing, and some providence, she avoided a wreck and is alive to talk about it.

Enough talk! Here's some pictures.