1/14/05 ~ I don't want to be "that guy".

Friday is a good day for confession. I find myself becoming "that guy"-- the kind of person who can't seem to talk about anything else but his own interests. Lately, I've been so busy with comics related stuff I seem to be incapable of any other discussion, without leading it back to comics. Kind of pathetic.

Truthfully, this week has been odd. So much has happened, and a few years ago any one of these events, would've been huge for me.

* A French publisher contacted me yesterday.

* We finished (pencils, ink, and color) the first issue of the comic book we're releasing in July.

* Working on a website for that book.

* Contacting artist friends about pin-ups for that book.

* Book signing tomorrow (as I've mentioned)

* Yesterday, I received my comps for the Silent Forest Television Parody Special.

* Reserved our hotel for the San Diego Con

* Brock finished four more pages of Emily Edison. They look incredible.

All these are good things. For many people, this would be no big deal. But for me, this is strange territory. And I need people to talk to in order to make sense of my surroundings. Egocentrism can be habit-forming. I'd like to break it before it starts. So I confess.

In school-related events, the film club got their t-shirts. The officers did a good job on the shirts. It's the Fight Club bar of soap-- photoshopped so it says, Film Club. On the back, it reads, "How much can you really know about yourself if you've never been in a film?"

In family-related events, Melissa is on the prowl for living room furniture. The futon is losing its luster as a makeshift couch. Melissa found some cool couches. She has an eye for design. This will probably mean having to repaint the living room. At first, the thought of more painting sounded like a massive chore, but it won't be bad once we get started. It'll look good.

My parents bought us a garage-door opener for the house. I feel so fancy and rich. We have a garage-door opener. Don't ask me why, but even though this technology has been around for years, I marvel at it the same way my students marvel over the automatic stapler. Ooooh.

And Kennedy? I spend more time with her than anyone else. She's so much a part of my life, I don't know what to say. Little smiles and laughes. Watching TV together. Playing with her toys. Feedings. Diapering. Trying my best to care for her.