Brock Rizy has a slightly larger version of these three panels on his website, and some more early looks at Emily Edison Battles the Badbots.

From me, the Emily Edison comic book came into being for two reasons: (1) I wanted to write a fun super hero story for younger readers. Not by writing down to them, but instead, to create something that's appealing on a broad level. (2) I wanted to work with Brock.

I've been fortunate to collaborate with some very talented artists (Brian Kelly, Ben Hall, Sean Stephens, and Tom Kurzanski). Each of them, I like for different reasons-- Brian is a sociopath, Ben smells nice, Sean is part machine, and Tom... well... when asked what are 5 things he can't live without, he said: Sakura Micron pens: 03, 05, and 08, silver halide, and pink frosted animal crackers. Dude.

With Brock, this guy's imagination is only matched by his ability to draw whatever enters into his head. That's a dangerous mix. I'm still learning, when you write for Brock-- it's all about giving him room to do what he does best.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm probably biased, but I'm also right. Brock's got skills. Right now, he's in the process of getting some pages finished before Wizard World Texas. And I certainly appreciate the time he's committed. So thanks.

Next week, I'll brag on Tom. :)