This year, I'll have written four different short stories for four different anthologies. These anthologies mark my first appearances in the blessed Previews catalog. Writing a good short story is a real challenge. It's about being able to communicate as much information as possible in as little space as necessary, being interesting and entertaining from page one until the end. Hopefully, I've done that.

Josh Fialkov gives the 411 on an upcoming anthology, Western Tales of Terror--


In Previews now, issue 2 of the horror anthology that Wizard Magazine says "packs the chamber with six piercing stories that'll blow your head wide open!" Critically acclaimed "Western Tales of Terror" second issue features comic luminary Phil "Green Arrow" Hester writing a story drawn by Nick "IDW's Hyde" Stakal, Todd "The Wicked West" Livingston with Eric "Rex Mundi" J on art, Raven "The Gift" Gregory with newcomer Cardinal, a new Hector Plasm adventure by Benito "Tales from the Bully Pulpit" Cereno and Nate "Invincipals" Bellegarde, part two of "Phineas' Gold" by Editor in Chief Joshua Hale Fialkov, Porter McDonald, and artist Scott Keating, and a story by comics newcomers (and Dead@17 Rough Cut vets) David Hopkins and Benjamin Hall.

"Western Tales of Terror" is the debut Direct Market title from Independent Publisher Hoarse and Buggy Productions, and has garnered acclaim from all corners of the Internet, including Thefourthrail.com, comiXtreme, ComicFanatic.com, and Variety.com. With issue 1 hitting stores next week, make sure to pre-order issue 2 and help spread the word about this breakout indie hit!

WESTERN TALES OF TERROR #2 is available for pre-order from Diamond comics from the current issue of Previews, order number NOV042745, on Page 293 of the November Previews.

Our story for Western Tales was a lot of fun to work on. Ben Hall is incredibly talented-- and it's always comforting to have that kind of artist collaborating with you. Don't forget to pre-order this month! Let me know what you think, once you get the chance to read it.