THIS AMERICAN LIFE. Swing Set (listen to the episode)

A journey through the minds of undecided voters. They care about the same things as we do – the war in Iraq, health care, jobs – but they’re different from you and me. They just can’t make up their minds. So we decided to find out why. For months – through the Swift Boat ads, the convention speeches, the debates – we tracked a few of these voters, recording their conflicted path to the polls. One guy finally settles on President Bush, only to change his mind minutes later. A military family is split down the middle, except for one undecided son, who isn’t even sure what the president does.

This week, a This American Life Special Report: Vote Fraud.Stories of election year chicanery appear in the paper every day. TAL contributor Jack Hitt compiles a list of the most egregious accounts, double checks the facts, and gives his election eve rundown of the dirtiest tricks to look out for this November 2.

Which brings us to some public service. If you feel like someone is trying to interfere with your right to vote this election, call 866-OUR-VOTE, a special hotline run by the Election Protection Coalition.

Further information about vote fraud is available from the eRiposte site and from dKosopedia's Voter Registration Fraud Clearinghouse.