10/27/04 ~ FBR #191 and 191.5

Last night, Scott Hinze and I sat down in the KTCU studios to pre-record episodes 191 and 191.5 for Fanboy Radio. You can listen to both episodes online by downloading them using bitpass. If you don't have bitpass yet, you really should consider getting it. You can also listen to episode 191 on KTCU 88.7 FM in Fort Worth at 1 PM today.

Episode 191 is our October Indie Show with Eisner-award winning creator Derek Kirk Kim and president/founder of Crazee Comics, Samuel Vera.

Episode 191.5 is a "web-only" show-- a thirty minute beginner's workshop for comic book writers. We talk about format, structure, pacing, dialogue, and offer some ideas for improving as a storyteller. We're trying it out to see what kind of response we get. Honestly, I feel a little foolish talking about how to write, considering how many better writers are out there that could (and have) talked on this very subject. But after listening to it, I think there's some good material available. Best of all, it's only 25 cents to download.