10/26/04 ~ More of the Same Tomorrow

Last night, I checked the stats for my Antihero Comics website. Much to my surprise, this domain has ten times the amount of traffic I thought it did. Cool, huh? I figured it was time to fix the site a bit, with more changes coming soon.

The past two years have been amazing. Got married. Moved into a house. Became a dad. And all the while, I've been writing.

I've been fortunate in my work. Recently, I published a few short stories for three different anthologies (Dead@17:Rough Cut, Vol.1, Silent Forest Television Parody Special, and Western Tales of Terror #2). Next year is going to be even better. While I can't give too many details, I have a three issue series (32 pages each) with a small press publisher that will be stores by July 2005. Hopefully soon, I'll have an official announcement. I couldn't have asked for a better situation. The publisher loves what we're doing. And hey, I love what they're doing. My friends, and especially my wife, have been so supportive. It's taken a lot of the pressure off, allowing me to focus on simply writing the best stories I can.

Over this past year, I've gotten more and more involved with Fanboy Radio, becoming the host and producer for the monthly "indie show". It's been an opportunity to talk with some of my favorite comic book creators. I also started writing a weekly column "Just Smile and Nod" (each Monday) where I look at comics as a literary medium and artform.

On a personal level, these past few months have been entirely about my daughter, Kennedy! She's the coolest. To even begin to talk about her, I'd become a rambling sentimental mess. I'll save you that fate.

So here it is, the latest spin is back on antiherocomics.com. Say hi. Let me know what you think-- or don't. I'll try my best to give you all the gory details of my little life on a semi-regular basis.