Some thoughts on the release (finally) of the Fantastic Four teaser trailer:

  • I'm digging the Philip Glass score.
  • Not digging the obligatory light shooting in sky to open a portal.
  • The official website describes it as a "contemporary reimagining." I'm conflicted. I don't want this movie to tread the same ground as the other movies (3, including Roger Corman's). But would I prefer to see what Marvel Studios would do with the FF in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Yeah.

  • Josh Trank is capable of making a good movie. (Exhibit A: Chronicle) I'll take a good movie that works from the same genetic ooze as the real FF (Exhibit B: The Incredibles). But it's not as satisfying as seeing a good FF movie that looks like what I read in the comics.
  • By "looks like what I read in the comics," I'm not talking about Johnny Storm as played by Michael B. Jordan. I'm really excited about the casting of Michael. I'm still a little confused by Billy Elliot (aka Jamie Bell) playing Ben. We'll have to see how the CG works with him. In the teaser commentary video, Trank said that Bell's blue eyes will remain untouched by effects--which is interesting.
  • Oh yeah, here's the teaser commentary video:
  • Watching the commentary trailer, Trank needs to stop calling it "The Ultimates." The Ultimates is the Avengers. You mean, Ultimate Fantastic Four. It's confusing. I know.
  • Tagline: "Change is coming." Is this a shot at the fans who complained about... everything?
  • Trank: "This was the first, most important superhero group in the history of modern comics."
  • The trailer didn’t give us any of the actors interacting or talking. More of a mood piece.
  • I could take the moral high ground and say, “If nothing else, maybe it’ll drive more people to the comic.” But in truth, if it’s wildly popular, it may change the direction of the FF comic in the rapidly changing Marvel universe. (Whenever FF returns...) A hit could change how Marvel does FF going forward.
  • You should read this interview with Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg over at Collider. The whole interview reads like some serious damage control. However, kudos to Trank for this moment...WEINTRAUB: I have to ask, so Marvel cancels The Fantastic Four…. TRANK: What? What?! WEINTRAUB: When did you guys hear that Marvel was canceling the Fantastic Four comic book, and what was the first reaction? TRANK: Do you remember when Jay-Z said he retired from rapping? WEINTRAUB: Yes. TRANK: I almost forgot that too.