April was amused that I was going to write about coffee for a local magazine. "You don't drink coffee," she said.

"I'm not a burlesque dancer either," I said, "but I wrote a feature about one."

If you're curious what a non-coffee drinker would have to say about coffee, my cover story "How a team of experts taught me to tolerate coffee" is now available in the winter issue of Edible DFW Magazine.

I would recommend finding a print version of the magazine. It's widely distributed throughout North Texas (click here to find a copy near you).

I like Edible. The magazine is well-designed with some beautiful photography. They also have a great publisher in Nanci Taylor and a great editor in Terri Taylor--and great people are nice to work with. They seem to like me, so I should be writing more for Edible soon.

The story...

I’ve never understood the appeal. The times I sampled coffee, all I tasted was hot and bitter. My face contorts, my teeth grit, and I involuntarily convulse. My distaste puts me in the minority opinion. It’s more than just a drink. I get that. Coffee’s a ritual, an emotional holistic experience. It’s the most traded commodity in the world, second only to oil.

I’m convinced I just haven’t had the right guidance and the ideal cup of coffee. So, over the course of a week, I met with coffee experts in Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth to educate me on the coffee experience, to see if I could be converted. My education started, appropriately enough, with a school. Continue Reading...