What are you doing on Tuesday, November 6th? Voting, yes, yes, of course. But after you vote, are you just going to sit in front of your TV and watch the networks try to predict an outcome for four hours? You deserve better than that. You should go to the McKinney Avenue Contemporary and watch me talk candidly about my divorce, This American Life style. It's the Oral Fixation Show. I'm really excited to be included and to work with director Nicole Stewart. This live storytelling series features different takes on a theme. November is "Baby Steps."

My story is titled: "One Request Before You Leave: How a road trip, the Beatles, and a motel in Missouri made me a better ex-husband." I promise no ex-wives were harmed in the making of this show. I talked with Melissa about it yesterday and received her full support.

It will be more fun than politics.

Tickets are $15 if you pre-order. Go here. $20 at the door.