20121018_121914Last week, Rob Mahoney put out a call for new contributors to The Two Man Game. I've been reading his blog for quite a while. It's one of the best-written sites covering NBA basketball and the Dallas Mavericks. After every game, I always stop by to get his keen insight--and then repeat it to my friends and pretend I'm a sports genius.

I sent Rob my portfolio, and he invited me to join the team. Hooray for me. I'm now writing a weekly column. Look for it on Tuesdays at around 10:30 AM CST. I would describe the column as a player (1) profile (2) almanac (3) folklore guide and (4) book of hymns. Fear my basketball insight. You can expect at least one well-reasoned defense of Derek Harper as the Mavs' greatest point guard. I might also post a few badly-reasoned defenses too.

As a warm-up, I made my first contribution today: "Blue and White."