SHORT STORY OF THE MONTH CLUB Yes, it's Kickstarter. And yes, there is a certain hat-in-hand/pass-the-hat quality to this website. If you have a lot of creative friends, you've probably gotten a fair share of tweets and Facebook updates about this pesky website. However, I really do believe in Kickstarter's mission to "fund and follow creativity." Since 2009, I've backed 17 projects (12 successfully reached their goal). People have their own quirky dreams, and it's exciting to support crazy people.

I launched a successful Kickstarter project a few years ago. And now, I'm at it again--this time, with a much more ambitious idea. I could use your help.

The SHORT STORY OF THE MONTH CLUB will be a lot of fun. If you pledge at least $10 to this project, you will have purchased a ten-month subscription. Each month you'll receive an email with a new short story written by me, with illustrations by the artist (my wife April). The stories will be available in pdf and epub formats. At the end of the year, I'll collect these stories into a single book.

Ten stories, ten months, ten dollars (minimum pledge).

I've had this idea for quite a while, but I wanted to time it to coincide with my retirement/resignation from teaching. In June, I will be working full-time as a writer. This short story project will be a kick start to my freelance ambitions.

And here's the link one more time.