In my classroom, we have a little basket. It was put there by the organization Friends of Rachel. My students are supposed to write on yellow strips of paper encouraging words about kind acts done at school. They then put the paper in the basket. At the end of the year, Friends of Rachel will create a massive paper chain from these strips. The chain should be able to encircle the school. Sweet, huh? Here's what my students wrote (unedited):

* Don't feed the pidgeons. They'll just bite off your fingers.

* You have lovely noses. And beautiful eye.

* I love the way your nostrils shine in the sun.

* penny for your thoughts... (a penny is taped on the paper)

* compliment 10 people or die.

* You're beautiful!

* I LOVE your face.

* You have a pretty complexion, I love your bone structure.

* You have lovely ears... yes, ears.

* Your feet smell purrdy.

I think I might miss them.