Here's a news story worth reading by CBS DFW on the issue of TSA targeting women for full-body scans. I'm posting a somewhat biased sampling of the comments. However, if you click on the link, the comments section is worth reading in its entirety.

"I am chosen every single time without fail. It doesn’t matter what I wear, how much, how little, how dull or provocative, how I wear my hair, how 'blendy' I try to be, I am ALWAYS chosen, and ALWAYS by a male. And 95% of the time, the male TSA agent SNEERS at me when I opt out of the scanner. They give me the worst face possible every single time. Then I’m treated like garbage for the rest of the entire process, and there’s no question they’re crude to you and make the pat-downs worse on purpose to punish those who don’t just do whatever they want. I’m so sick of airports, I can’t stand being treated like trash, a criminal." -- Ituri

"I, too am ALWAYS 'randomly' selected for the sexual assault. I always travel with the big, burly hubby who is NEVER selected. The consensus from friends and family is that I’m selected for the size of my breasts. I totally agree but I refuse to reduce what God gave me just so I won’t have to be harassed by these useless perverts. No flying for me anymore!" -- Kim

"The TSA is a JOKE. Biggest waste of an agency there is, period." -- Joey

"Anyone can see that a process by which male screeners get to pick and choose which women and teenage girls go though a machine that shows the victim’s naked body to the man’s buddies in the back room will be abused. It defies explanation how TSA could have instituted such a sexually exploitative procedure. TSA set us up to be victimized and harassed. TSA, get your filthy hands out of our pants and stop creating nude images of our bodies!" -- Sommer

Sam says:

"tsa is doing an excellent job not one plane has gone down do to terrorist activities. bad guys won’t even try…thats how good tsa is.. lets all be real tsa is here to stay why even fight it? private companies will never take over."

And I love this response by Jayce:

"I have this magic rock, and it prevents tiger attacks. Since I started carrying this rock 20 years ago, I have not been attacked by a tiger, not once! Would you like to buy my rock? Its only $1,000. You can avoid tiger attacks, as well!"

From Bill Fisher:

"Anyone who travels a lot sees how TSA targets younger, attractive women. This has been going on over a year and often the passenger doesn’t realize she is part of the TSA screeners entertainment. I’ve seen them single out young girls just so the males can watch her get a groping pat down.

This is the abuse you get when you have a corrupt unaccountable agency whose workers think they are above the law.

In 2011 there were 62 TSA screeners arrested for serious crimes, including rape and murder. Of these, 11 were for sex crimes involving children and 4 for smuggling contraband through security There have been 4 arrested in the first month of 2012 and TSA is on pace to for another 60 crimes this year.

TSA hiring standards state that the worker may not have had a criminal conviction in the past ten years but exclude juvenile convictions when the applicant becomes 18 even if the conviction is less than a year old. Often, those caught in these crimes are found to have recent criminal arrests that weren’t discovered in the hiring process. Consequently, many TSA workers have criminal histories but we’re supposed to trust them with airline security and control of our belongings"