For 2012, my writing time will be divided between one major project and (hopefully) more work with D Magazine and maybe a few other outlets. The major project? I'm glad you asked. You may remember the feature I wrote in March about Tammi True. I'm expanding the article and writing a full biography about this darling of Dallas burlesque. I've been meeting with her on a regular basis, and we've developed a nice friendship. (I also helped her get in touch with Katie Dunn at AMS Pictures. They're working on an exciting television property. I've asked, just short of begged, to sit in on the filming.) With comic books, I have a collaboration with Brent Schoonover that we're soliciting. I'm trying to not overwhelm myself with too many comic books projects. Brent and I are still fine tuning the collected ASTRONAUT DAD, and soon we'll investigate some digital opportunities for the graphic novel. I have a short story in OUTLAW TERRITORY VOLUME 3. It's finished, just waiting for this Image Comics anthology to be released. I've tried to find a new home for WE'VE NEVER MET, possibly retitled INKLINGS, without much success.

I'm also brainstorming a prose fiction project, which I probably won't even start until the summer. The plan is to use Kickstarter and make it available to the backers, like a subscription. It would be released in ten monthly installments over the year. I still need to figure a few things out, but it should be a lot of fun. Something different.