I have a small cardboard box next to my desk. The box contains a jumble of wires, adaptors, and chargers for a variety of equipment, some that I still use and some that have been obsolete for years. What started as a box of useful cords became unwieldily. Like accidental art, it shifted away from any discernable function. Yesterday, I decided to clear the box and only keep cords that I knew had purpose. I feel like this past year had a similar theme. 2011 was a year for connecting to what's most important and letting go of the clutter. I married April, my dearest friend and partner. We had a beautiful wedding -- more about that here. With my career, I looked at the next few years and focused on some specific freelance writing goals. (Sorry for the vagueness. I'll explain later in 2012.) At the same time, I scaled back on the comic book projects. And after a huge investment in starting the Chess Club of Arlington, I realized that it wasn't going to happen. I'm dismantling the nonprofit end of the organization.

2011 was about priorities. 2012 is about moving forward. I consider myself very fortunate that I've had the opportunity to start over, make transitions, and still hold on to the essential stuff. 2011 was the culmination of the past five years. It was an exciting year.

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Memorable events for 2011:

* April and I got married. * Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship. * Published four stories with D Magazine * Trip to family reunion with Kennedy * Bachelor party * Visited Saint Louis for the World Chess Hall of Fame opening * Balloon room (installation by Martin Creed) at Nasher Sculpture Center * Santa Rampage

Favorite comic books I read in 2011:

* Paying For It * 20th Century Boys * Life With Mr. Dangerous * Habibi * Mr. Murder Is Dead * Axe Cop * 99 Days

Favorite TV Shows I watched in 2011:

* Friday Night Lights * The Walking Dead * Parenthood * 30 Rock (still) * Portlandia

Favorite movies I watched in 2011:

* Captain America: The First Avenger * Bridesmaids * The Hudsucker Proxy * Crazy, Stupid, Love * 50/50 * Melancholia * The Artist

Favorite food for 2011:

* Flank Steak from Potager

Favorite music I listened to in 2011:

* The King is Dead, The Decemberists * Bringing It All Back Home, Bob Dylan * Bon Iver, Bon Iver * Secrets from the Future, MC Frontalot * XX, The XX