I decided to simplify the Chess Club of Arlington website and remove the blog, shifting some of the chess-related posts over here: I would hate to lose my commentary on the Saint Louis trip. All in favor of a complete That David Hopkins, now with more chess. I started Chess Club of Arlington with ridiculous amounts of ambition, or "commendable amounts" depending on your perspective. However, I soon realized that a slow steady start was better than attempting a big splash. The club simply doesn't have the resources and support necessary to sustain it at the Salvation Army community center. So, we're moving from a church to a bar. Starting in December, we're going to meet in back room at J.R. Bentley's (406 W Abram St, Arlington, TX 76010), every Thursday at 7 PM. We met there in April and had a good time.

We'll keep it simple. A good beer and a game of chess.