Zac Crain is senior editor of D Magazine (and my heart). He produced this hilarious series of "photo comics" for D Magazine's Frontburner blog. The comics are way too awesome to be buried in the archives, so I decided to keep my own record of the links here. I use the term "comics" loosely, but it works for me. Read and enjoy. part 1. Rick Perry discusses his new debate strategy.

part 2. Rick Perry explains his weird behavior in New Hampshire.

part 3. Rick Perry introduces his son to the media.

part 4. Rick Perry debate

part 5. Rick Perry suffers a traumatic setback.

part 6. Rick Perry prepares for his Tonight Show appearance.

part 7. Rick Perry on the voting age

part 8. Rick Perry is sad about Herman Cain.

part 9. Rick Perry comes back to Texas.

part 10. Rick Perry on the road to New Hampshire

part 11. An Important Announcement from Rick Perry