My story about Six Flags Mall is now available in the October issue of D Magazine. You can read it online, click here. I'm talking with my editor about two future stories for D Magazine. So, there's a possibility I will be writing more for them. This is a good thing.

Also, in about a month, Triumph of the Walking Dead will be available in stores. I contributed an essay to this anthology. It's my third Smart Pop book. Previously: "A History of Violence" and "Secrets and Secret-Keepers."

In the world of comics, a complete ASTRONAUT DAD, volumes 1 and 2, might be available soon. In time for New York Comic Con? I don't want to make any promises, but we're doing it print-on-demand. And by "we," I mean Brent met a guy in San Diego who took an interest in this little graphic novel and he's been the wind beneath our wings.

Brent Schoonover and I are working on a new graphic novel project. He sent some character sketches, and it's looking good. More information soon, but it's completely different from what I usually write. And unlike the past eight years, it's the only comic book project I'm working on at this moment.

The news is a little late, but yes, if you follow WE'VE NEVER MET then you already know, the newspaper that published our comic was canceled. It's possible WNM might find new life elsewhere. Honestly, the terms would have to be just right. I loved writing it, but I don't want to do it unless we can get it just right. I was spoiled by our previous publisher.

That's all from me. Once again, read my story. I would also recommend buying the magazine, so you might cherish it forever.