We had a good group for our first Thursday night meeting. About 12 people were there, mostly folks I haven't met before. Some arrived at 7 PM. Some showed up later in the evening. No one sat around for too long to wait for a game. There was a lot of 5 minute blitz (big surprise) and slower untimed games. I think everyone had a good time. In particular, I'm very happy with our locale. After an entire month of searching Arlington for an ideal location, I feel vindicated. During that month, I talked with a lot of people. I made several phone calls. And I put probably 100 miles on my car driving around Arlington. The dining hall at the Salvation Army Community Center is a nice size. It can comfortably accommodate 5 people or 50 people. No one seemed to have trouble finding it. Unless, I discover tomorrow there were countless hordes of chess players roaming the building trying to find an unlocked door. Doubtful. Captain Andy Miller, corps officer for the center, is happy to host our group. I've talked with him, and he absolutely understands my long-term goals for the chess club. They do good work here, so it's nice to partner with them. For next time, I need to figure out how the coffee maker works. Maybe grab some snacks too.

Right now, we're borrowing the chess sets from Martin High School. It'd be nice to purchase some supplies specifically for the club. I was browsing online chess stores last night, putting together my wish list. For only $3500, we could have the most ridiculously amazing club sets. My dream set up. (A more modest set would be $1500.) So, anyone have $3500 laying around? In exchange for your generousity, and indulging my need for fine wooden pieces, I can offer you an ad on our site for the next... four years? Anyone?

I heard a lot of people say they'd be back next week. Score one for Chess Club of Arlington.

Photos have been posted to our Facebook page.